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10 Things You Won’t Know About Edinburgh Unless You Live There

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10 Things You Won’t Know About Edinburgh Unless You Live There

You think you know Edinburgh? Not as well as the locals, that’s for sure. Here are a few things worth knowing if you ever give the fair city a visit.

The One-o’clock Gun Salute

Don’t be alarmed if you hear the gun go off at the castle at 1pm. It’s just a reminder for your boss that it’s lunchtime.


The Skyline Inspired The Wizard of Oz.

When George Gibson designed the set of the film, he described the inspiration his hometown had on him and if you’ve ever stood near the water, the strong winds too probably.


The Lincoln Statue

There’s a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Old Calton Cemetary. It was erected in 1893.


There’s a Reason it’s Called Auld Reekie

Edinburgh is home to some breweries and the further west you go, the more you can smell it.


The Haar

The Haar is the sea mist that swirls in from time to time and can take a full 24 hours to clear. It leaves the streets foggy even when the sun’s out.

The Famous Graves

You can spend a whole day looking at the famous graves in Edinburgh in fact,  the Canongate and Greyfriars graveyard should be your starting points and you can even visit Dolly the Sheep at the National Museum.

There are Five Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Number One (1 Princes Street), 21212 (3 Royal Terrace) and Castle Terrace, named after the street it’s on and Leith’s waterfront has Restaurant Martin Wishart (54 The Shore) and The Kitchin (78 Commercial Quay)


It’s the Place to Be if You Like a Beer

At last count there were over 700 pubs. 700! A fair number more than Glasgow and with local breweries, you can be sure there are always a good range of quality ales in each one.

Green and Maroon don’t go.

The Leith side of town is the Hibs side and Tynecastle and Gorgie is Hearts. Then again, don’t get them confused or walk into the wrong pub…


There’s a Lot of Tartan Flying Around in Edinburgh. A lot!

In fact, if you’re in Scotland and you’re looking to but souvenirs, you’ll not be short of places to buy. The ‘tartan tat’ shops appear to be breeding as they are appearing everywhere.


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