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7 Adrenaline Junkie Things To Do in Scotland

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7 Adrenaline Junkie Things To Do in Scotland

 Scotland isn’t shy when it comes to one of the more popular forms of adrenaline rush activities.

Whether it’s aqualining or jumping, Scotland has it all.


Cliff jumping.

You can start at 15 feet and work your way up, with 40 feel usually being the maximum.

Cliff jumping is available in many areas. One of the most popular organizers being www.freespirits-online.co.uk/activities/cliff-jumping.html



Bungee Jumping.

Probably the most popular form of extreme activity, bungee jumping’s popularity is still very much on the rise. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of opportunities all around Scotland. With a 40 meter drop to look forward to, www.bungeejumpscotland.co.uk will be able to advise you. They’ll tell you what to wear and how to prepare for the jump. Your initial drop will cost around £75 with subsequent jumps available at a discounted rate.



Gorge Scrambling.

If it’s the best scenery you’re looking for and the biggest rush, gorge scrambling is for you. There are many adventure companies to choose from.

Try  www.g2outdoor.co.uk



Sky Diving.

If a bungee jump isn’t high enough for you, why not leap from a plane? So why not land in one of the most picturesque places?

St Andrews sky diving will be able to maximize your experience including tandem jumps, filmed jumps and if you fundraise to a minimum amount, you’ll get your jump for free!




Off road driving.

Release that road rage on the countryside! There are plenty of off-road driving experiences available for confident drivers

Individual or group sessions are available from www.perthshireoffroad.co.uk



Quad Biking.

You and a quad bike in the Scottish Highlands. Sound appealing? Then get on to http://quadbiketours.co.uk who will be able to assist.

Available for most age groups, quad biking is available from 1 to 3.5 hours and gift vouchers are available if you’d like to give that special someone an adrenaline junkie treat.




This relatively new extreme sport, simply explained, aqualining is walking a tightrope over a stretch of water.

Training is available for the novice, which should account for 99% of those that apply.

Currently, there is only one place to do this-



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