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7 Harmful Things Flying Does to Your Body

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7 Harmful Things Flying Does to Your Body

Do you really know what flying can do to your body?

As a passenger, there are reasons to be concerned about your health if you are a frequent flyer, but more so if you are pilot.


Pilots are apparently twice as likely to develop melanoma

due to the fact that the cabin windows are not strong enough to protect from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays.


Approximately 33% of your taste buds go numb during the flight.

So we are told, but then again it’s any excuse to defend the taste of the airline food.


Your body absorbs less oxygen at higher altitude,

causing you to become drowsy or sleepy and has nothing to do with the poor quality of the on-flight movie.


Sitting for a long flight causes lack of blood flow and in more serious cases, deep vein thrombosis.

It’s always strongly advisable to go for a walk up and down the cabin a few times every hour to get the blood flowing freely. Joining the mile-high club would do more good than harm. Not that we’re condoning it.

Altitude induced decompression sickness during your flight.

This is increased if you have been scuba diving. It’s always best to wait at least a day before taking a flying to allow your body to readjust. Easy enough in my case, as it’ll take me that long just to get the scuba gear off.


If you cross two or more time zones, you can succumb to jetlag as your body need to readjust to the time of day and night

Easier if you are flying east to west as you are moving towards the daylight.


The increased radiation from flying at high altitude may affect you if you are a frequent flyer but is relatively harmless for those travelling infrequently.

It’s more likely you’ll be affected by the stress of worrying if you’ll be reunited with your luggage at the other end.


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