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8 Social Media Rules Parents Should Know

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8 Social Media Rules Parents Should Know

You love talking about your kids and showing off their achievements and the fun times you have with them. However, before you share information about them, there are certain things to consider. Such as their own personal safety, friendships and even their relationship with you. Before your next post, consider the following points.

1- Check your privacy settings

If you are sharing photos of your kids, please it’s advisable to change your privacy settings to only those you know. You can even create a subgroup for your family only. This way it can protect those pictures from falling into the wrong hands. This could lead to the pictures appearing on other websites and could compromise your child’s safety. Your child’s account should be as private as you can get and one that can’t be found simply by searching for their name.

2- Don’t miss the special moments

Some parents get so caught up in trying to capture their family life on film that they forget to enjoy the moment themselves. Just take a quick snap or two and enjoy what’s actually happening.

3- Don’t boast

Remember your love for your kids is for who they are, not their achievements. Yes, it’s fine to be proud, but try not to go too far as it may come across as just being obnoxious. Share what they are proud of rather than what you are proud of.

4- Get other parents permission

It’s great that you want to share photos of your friend’s children too but always ask their permission first. The chances are thet their privacy settings will be such that it will only appear to those that you are both friends with, but always best to ask first.

5- Be a Role Model

If you’re friends with your child on a social media website, watch what you’re posting. Always lead by example and be aware that they will see everything you post. Don’t try to resolve a conflict on behalf of your child in full view of your friends.

6- Ask your children for permission

Just as you would with other parents, you should make a habit of asking your kids if they are okay with images of them being shared. It shows that you respect them and in turn they’ll respect you for asking.

7- Be aware of feelings

Will anyone get upset if they see the pictures? For example, will other parents see pictures of a birthday party where their kids weren’t invited? It’s great news if you’re pregnant but do be aware of anyone on your friends list who may be struggling with fertility.

8- Keep calm

Don’t post about family disputes or how angry you are are your child where everyone can see. Sort these these kind of disputes and conflicts by face-to-face resolution only. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to say in front of your family, because that- lest we forget- is exactly what you’re doing.


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