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Hidden Car Seat Dangers

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Hidden Car Seat Dangers

So you’ve got the car seat and you’re confidently that’s the child’s safety taken care of? Think again. There still a little TLC needed to ensure your offspring remains safe.

1- The seat can work itself loose

An important part of installation is to ensure that the seat is buckled in tightly to avoid it moving around. As a matter of fact, over time, it will will move slightly and will become slack. Always check for tightness and ensure that the seat is still buckled in as those sitting in the back can sometimes inadvertently unclip it.

2- The strap might need to be replaced.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot happening in the back. Eating, drinking and sleeping and with items spilt on it constantly, the strap can become brittle. The way to increase it’s longevity is to clean it regularly. How often you clean will depend on how messy your child is. Check the car seat manufacturer’s instruction manual to see the best way to clean it and how often you can do so before you’ll need to replace it.

3- Check the expiration date

It’s not just about the fabric cover wearing away. For instance, some integral parts of the car seat may wear out over time. If the majority of the car seat is made up of blow molded plastic, it can weaken and degrade over time as well. Car seat manufacturers and safety advocates want your child to have the latest car seat safety technology. Getting old seats out of the market and new ones on the shelf is a big plus and makes new features available to everyone. Let’s face it; we all want the latest and greatest features in our phones and other electronic gadgets so why wouldn’t we want the same for our child’s safety? Expiration dates may be embossed on the shell of the seat, on a label and/or in the manual. If you’re not sure, call the car seat manufacturer.

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