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Why it’s Important to Take Control of your Home Cooking

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Why it’s Important to Take Control of your Home Cooking

It’s so easy, in the age of “rush, rush, rush”, to take the easy option and save time. But surely one of your top priorities is what you decide to put inside your body? The choice is basically, do you ingest pesticides and toxins or do you go the healthy, organic route? Taking control of your own kitchen means being aware of what you’re cooking for yourself and your family.

Planning ahead is the key here. Grabbing something quickly on the way home works in practice but often, it instigates poor choices.

By buying organic, sustainably raised or minimally treated meat, dairy and produce, you can dramatically reduce your consumption of food contaminated by chemical fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics. Once you’re in the kitchen, chances are you won’t choose a recipe calling for artificial color, artificial flavor, texturizers, preservatives, or packaging.  You can avoid ingesting all of these ingredients by shopping at a market that sells real food, not a chemical supply house.

Think “fresh”. Local produce is usually fresher as you know it won’t have been transported for days to reach it’s destination so that’s generally a good place to start.

Also, think or roasting instead of boiling  as the former will retain vitamins much more readily.

Food tastes differently today due to industrial chemicals and processing. Renew your love of delicious smells and tastes by going organic. Your taste buds will love you for it.

The more you cook, the more you’ll learn that sustainable, local ingredients just taste better.

Once you get the taste for organic produce, you’ll find you become more creative and interested in different herbs, spices and food you’ve never thought about trying before.

If you have children it’s a great idea to involve them too as it will expand their knowledge and make them more open to trying new, greener tastes now and throughout their lives. This doesn’t begin in the kitchen either. Take them shopping and let them choose something new each time.

Take back control of what you eat and experience the great tastes and aromas of cooking organic.


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