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Napiers Beard Club- review

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Napiers Beard Club- review

So I decided to finally grow my beard and yes, I expected it to be simply a case of sitting back and nature do it’s thing, but upon talking to some of my beardie mates, it turns out you have to actually do so of the work yourself. Some beard TLC, no less.

One of the main stumbling blocks at the very start for a whisker-novice like myself is that there are so many different beard care products on the market nowadays. The internet is swamped with them, though I decided to narrow it down to one of the less-pricey ones.

Napiers Beard Club

The Napiers Beard Club looked a likely candidate for me as they promised me a month’s supply of beard oil AND beard-care tuition for just a pound a month. Too good to be true? Let’s see…

Napiers itself has been going for over 100 years so certainly not a newcomer to this market and their ingredients are 100% natural, so that’s a good start. The Napiers Beard Club is a new addition to its arm so I thought I’d give it a try.

When you sign up you’re given a option to purchase additional products as well as the beard oil. I skipped this for now, just wanting to get a taster for what was in store for my £1+shipping before deciding whether to “push the boat out” a bit more.


Within minutes of joining I’d received an ebook- “Mr. Duncan Napier’s Sage Words & Pognotrophhic Advice Face and Beard Shape & Style Guide”.

In short, a tongue-in-cheek shape and style guide but a useful one nonetheless, especially for a novice like me. It’ll enable you to decide your beard style according to the shape of your face. If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face for example, most styles will suit apparently.

Beard Oil


I have to admit, beard oil is a new one on me but with a new beard comes the inevitable itching so quite frankly I was willing to try anything. My oil arrived within a couple of days of me signing up and my first reaction was- “Is that it?”. To put it simply, I hadn’t envisaged how small a 100ml would be. Having said that, I decided to go with the advice an ex-girlfriend had given me and trust that it wasn’t the size that mattered, just what you do with it.


The instructions stated I needed to use just a few drops of oil and massage them into my whiskers, so put some in the palm of my hand and spread it evenly round my beard.

The smell was musky (manly maybe?), but not unpleasant. Certainly not enough to overpower aftershave.


Somewhat surprisingly also, the itching all but disappeared almost instantly.

A nice start and it did seem to me that a few drops was indeed all that was required. Any more and the smell would have been overpowering.


Another thing I noticed (as did my girlfriend) was that the beard felt much smoother. I also found over the course of using it for just a few days that my skin also felt smoother as apparently it hydrates the skin too, helping to keep beardruff (yes it’s a thing) at bay.


For a pound a month, I wasn’t expecting the world, but what I did get as at least a start in the right direction and I’ve since been brave enough to purchase the beard shampoo (don’t use soap folks- it’s hair, remember) and the whisker wax for styling, which I have to say I swear by . When funds permit, I’m going to try the beard spritzer (a kind of beard moisturiser).

All in all, pretty good value and a great place to start for those like me who liked the idea of growing a beard, but didn’t have the faintest clue how to look after it.

Here’s the link if you want to check them out- http://napiersbeardclub.com/






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