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Top 6 Home Brew Beer Recipes

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Craft beers have really taken off in recent years

Imported & mass produced beers just won’t do anymore, and we want something that has a fuller and more unique flavour. What better way to get craft beer than to brew your own? There are our top 6 recipes for brewing your own beers.

Once you’ve made a few batches and got the hang of things, you can start experimenting with your own blends of hops, malts and other flavourings in order to create your own one-of-a-kind beers.

1) The Triple Lindy

This Belgian style beer has a high alcohol content which spice and soft malty flavours. All it requires is two grains and some sugar. View the full recipe here.



2) American Lager

A lager is a popular beer with really fresh and clean flavour. The malt and hope will really shine through. They can be difficult to brew at home, but if you get it right the results will certainly be worth it. View the full guide to lager brewing here.



3) Orange beer

This one is perfect for the spring time. It’s light and refreshing with great citrus flavour. It has a sweetness to it, and is make using East Kent Golding hops. Read the recipe here.

You can also use this recipe to make sugar puff beer, by swapping the orange peel and sugar with 900g sugar puffs and the malt with 1.2kg of pale ale malt. The result will be a full bodied bitter with a hoppy tang and a taste of sugar puffs!



4) Grapefruit Pale Ale

Another hoppy beer with a citrus flavour, this one is truly delicious! It’s ruby red in colour and has a slight bitterness. Click here to view the recipe.



5) Vanilla Java Porter

This beer is flavoured with coffee and Madagascar vanilla beans so it’s a very unique beer that’s sure to impress your guests. Read it’s story and it’s recipe here.



Lambic Style Crabapple Ale

This is a fantastic winter ale with a tart flavour. It’s lovely on it’s own or with food, and has an air of champagne to it. It is pale pink in colour like a rose wine so it looks very impressive too. Click here to veiw the recipe for this fruity beer.


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