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What To Do About Dry Skin in Winter

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What To Do About Dry Skin in Winter

During the winter months as the temperatures drop, many of us will experience problems with our skin. The main problem that most of us face is dry skin, which can feel tight and look rough or flakey. Dry skin not only looks unsightly, but can also cause infection as bacteria get in through the tiny dry cracks. But what can you do to treat your dry skin in the winter, as well as prevent your skin from drying out in the first place? 

Use a Serum

It’s a good idea to use a serum as well as a moisturiser during the winter. A serum will hydrate your skin, and moisturiser will lock in moisture. You may also want to swap to an oil based moisturiser, which will create more of a protective barrier over your skin than a water based or oil free cream. Most “night creams” are oil based, as are creams labeled as “rich”.

Don’t forget your body too

Don’t forget to take care of the skin on your body as well as your face: always apply body lotion, oil or cream after you shower and keep some hand cream in your purse at all times. The skin on your hands in thinner than the rest of your body, it has fewer oil glands and it is often exposed to the cold if you don’t wear gloves so it’s important to keep it moisturised. 

Sheek mask

In order to seal nourishment in to your skin, try a sheet mask. These cloth masks come soaked in a liquid that provides moisture to your skin, and the liquid can’t evaporate because the cloth is in the way, forcing the skin to absorb the ingredients. These masks are very popular in Korea.

Wear sun block

Whilst you’re outside, make sure to always wear sun block. Even though it’s cold, the snow reflect the sun rays back at your so it’s important to keep your skin protected.
At home, you can place a humidifier in each room. Putting on the heating sucks the moisture out of the air, so using a humidifier can replace it. You can also try to take cooler, shorter baths or showers. Exposure to hot water can strip your skin of it’s natural oils, as will skincare products that contain alcohol and perfumed soaps.

Increase the H2O

Up your water intake, plus your intake of healthy fats. Eating avocados, flaxseeds or taking an Omega 3 supplement can help to treat your dry skin from the inside out by giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep your natural oil barrier intact.

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